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Spring Share-a-thon April 19, 20 & 21st

13 April 2017 News

Be sure to tune in to our Spring share-a-thon!

Jerry Usher from EWTN will be back in South Dakota and in our studios to help us out!

We’ll also be having a ministry challenge where ministries are currently raising funds for the Lamb Radio, which ever group raises the most wins FREE advertising with the Lamb.

Donate NOW in honor of you favorite group!  More details to come!

Here’s our current list of participants who you’ll hear from through out the 3 days, April 19, 20 & 21st.

Wedneday 19th

Dioc. Youth Department with Eric Gallagher

Vocations with Fr. Shaun Haggerty & Dcn. Heidt

Newman Centers

Knights of Columbus

Thursday 20th

Bishop Dudley House- Chad Campbell and Jessie Schmidt

Cathedral of St. Joseph- Fr. James Morgan

Sacred Heart Monastery- Raelynn Coldwell & St. Clarice Korger

Look for the Blessing- Mary Kay Stebbins

Koinonia & Search Retreats


Adult Discipleship- Dr. Chris Burgwald

Abbey of the Hills- Deacon Paul Trienen

Aberdeen Foundation- David Vetch, Fr. Mark Lichter


with special guests:

Jerry Usher, Brian Cooper, Jerry Klein,  Michael Promes and conversion story from Sue Wollman